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Expert Tree Spraying is Critical to Your Tree’s Health

Tree spraying is an important part of maintaining your tree’s health. This is especially true in subtropical environments like Orlando, where fungi and insect borne diseases can spread with devastating rapidity. Our tree services experts have worked in Florida for many years, and are well familiar with the signs and symptoms of all common, and uncommon, Orlando tree illnesses. They can diagnose potential problems before they take hold and recommend treatment options when disease has already spread. This expertise is extremely important, as incorrect diagnosis can lead to improper or excessive chemicals being applied to your tree. Such inept applications are not only detrimental to your tree’s health, they also damage our local environment by putting needless chemicals into Orlando’s ecosystem.

When Should I Have an Expert Look at My Tree?

When it comes to treating insect infestation, fungus, and other forms of tree illness, time is of the essence. The sooner our tree service experts can tackle a problem, the easier it is for them to isolate and treat the condition. This is important not only for the health of the diseased tree, but for all surrounding trees at risk of infection. The spread of tree disease is a very real threat that all Orlando residential and commercial property owners should be aware of; losing one tree to disease may be unavoidable, but stopping the spread of disease is well within your power. With that in mind, keep a sharp eye on your trees and the trees of your neighbors. If any trees near your Orlando property appear sickly, arrange for them to be examined for possible preventative spraying right away. If there’s any way to save or protect your trees, our tree service experts will find it. And even if we get the call too late and your tree is sadly beyond help, we can still assist you. We can carefully remove any dying trees from your property, preventing any possible collapse or further spread of disease. We can then spray your remaining trees against infection and even plant replacements before we go. But if you keep a close eye on your trees and arrange preventative sprayings, such drastic measures can almost always be avoided.

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